Springfield, Missouri

417-597-3473 [email protected]

Rules of Usage

Our primary interest is to provide Southwest Missouri with exceptional amateur repeaters to use for regular and brief QSOs.

In short, here are the primary “Rules of Engagement” that we have adopted for our repeaters:

  • Treat them as a “Regional Service” repeaters, not local “rag chew” repeaters. We absolutley never intended for hams to sit on the machines for hours at a time. Our intention is to provide great regional repeaters for people to hold QSOs driving to work etc. and for contacting each other any time of day. Healthy usage, brevity and courtesy to all listeners is important to us.
  • The 147.12 machine is the Skywarn backup repeater. We have no intention of taking over the primary role. We were approached by NWS about using the 147.12 as a backup repeater and we agreed to that ONLY. We appreciate all the positive comments on how well this repeater works and NWS knows full well, they have our approval to use the machine anytime they wish. Though we are not interested in being the primary Skywarn machine for training and standard nets.
  • Maintain a “neutral-ground” community. Heavy right or left discussions foster disagreement, which in-turn fosters resentment. Topics/opinions on politics or negative comments about other ham operators, bands or modes isn’t warranted on a machine that is meant to be inviting to all amateurs.
  • Remember, this is a hobby. Just like fishing, hiking or canoeing; there are no entitlements. Any nefarious activity, will result particular repeaters being turned off. We are all here to appreciate amateur radio. Enjoy it. Please don’t abuse the equipment.

Have fun and enjoy all your fellow hams.
– The Management