Springfield, Missouri

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We have built many repeaters over the years on various frequencies, but our champions that are still in service are:

KA0FKF – 145.43

W0AV – 147.12

W0YKE – 146.895

W0YKE – 444.725

Please visit each page for specific details.

Generally we use GE Master II equipment. But as it is getting harder and harder to find, we have implemented Motorola MSF5000, Motorola XPR8300, Kenwood, Bridgecom and Hamtronics PLL receivers and transmitters as replacement parts when we have had no other choice.

GE Master II equipment is widely known for its heartiness and excellent track record. In years past we have installed remote sites and not revisited them for a couple of years will full-duty cycle before they needed attention. We just can’t say enough good things about that old stuff!

We have several different controllers in service. Each of them offers its own unique experience and we really like all three of them for each unique install. We don’t want bells and whistles in every case so we tailor the controller to each situation individually.

Another feature that make our repeaters stand out from the crowd is the way they SOUND!

Audio quality is extremely important to us so we treat it with the respect it deserves. We process ALL of the audio going in and out of the system. When I say that we do audio processing, I mean we do A LOT OF AUDIO PROCESSING with equalizers and companders. We expand weak audio and compress heavy audio and shape it just right before it ever reaches the transmitter. Doing this makes all the difference in the world.