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145.43 Repeater

Multi-site Voted System

147.12 Repeater


444.675 Repeater

Brandmeister DMR

146.895 REPEATER


About Us

We’re just this group of guys… you know? Actually, we are a diverse bunch that really enjoys amateur radio. There’s not much of a mystery here. We build repeaters. People use them. We think we are pretty good at it. And we seem to constantly be fixing lightning damage. That’s pretty much our story. We don’t have a formalized “club” and we don’t have organized events. We do have lunch together around 11am pretty much every Thursday at a pizza place in Springfield, Missouri. We move around, so check the repeaters for the location. You’re welcome to stop by. We aren’t hard to spot.

Our Repeaters

We have a diverse repeater system, covering a large portion of Southwest Missouri. We have multiple receiver sites, multiple bands and tons of functionality. All this adds up to workhorse repeaters that you can count on when you need them.

Easy to Use

If you have the right CTCSS tone and a good radio, you can get on the air. We don't have a bunch of fancy digital requirements.

Great Coverage

We cover most of Southwest Missouri from Rolla to Joplin and from Branson to Bolivar. High Power really gets out there.

Superior Audio

We process all of our audio using state-of-the-art audio processing and shaping. We avoid the de/pre-emphasis circuit where we can.


Our systems have many functions available to users. Various power levels, weather reports, temperature etc.


Why work support us

with your help, we keep reliability on the air

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