Springfield, Missouri

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146.895 DOWN

We recently became aware the repeater was not responding. Upon investigation we discovered sometime in the last two weeks that the TX antenna/feedline has failed. It is showing infinite SWR. We will have to schedule a time to climb and investigate. Due to the extreme heat, this may be several […]

145.43 Down for Upgrades

The repeater will be down until probably mid June. The building is undergoing electric upgrades including the installation of a new generator. Much wiring and breaker boxes are involved. This is an extensive effort. We are sorry for the outage.

444.725 Back In Service

We installed a new 444.725 repeater downtown in Springfield. We discovered a problem with the antenna system. A new DB Products antenna has been acquired and needs to be installed. We plan to have this accomplished by May 1. Until then, the repeater will have limited coverage within the city […]

444.675 Back In Service

The 444.675 has been returned to normal service and is on the air.

444.675 Down Temporarily

The 444.675 DMR repeater will be offline temporarily to assist KOZK get back on the air to serve cable and satellite networks. We will be back as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding that the loss of the Fordland tower has impacted the region in a significant way.

Fordland Tower Collapse – 147.12

It is with great sadness that we announce that the 147.120 repeater is off-the-air due to a tragic accident on the KOZK tower in Fordland, MO. Earlier this morning, during tower maintenance, the 2000ft tower gave way and crashed to the ground. Local news will be covering the details. It […]