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Frequency Change ALERT

We were notified that we have a frequency conflict with the coordination of 147.045 in Arkansas.  We have been given a new frequency pair for 146.895. We will be changing frequencies soon, so monitor here for when that change occurs.  We hope to make this change before September 1st.


Yes.. we’re talking about the 147.045 in Hollister. This was a good week for the machine.  We doubled the antenna height, raised the power level by a factor of five, and installed a new antenna. It seems to have made a major improvement.  Please give it a try in the […]

147.045 On the Air

Hey everyone! There’s a new repeater on the air on Hollister. We’ve been planning this for some time, however have been so busy, we just recently worked to the point that it’s on the air. The PL is 162.2. We will be making improvements to height and power in the […]