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If you would like to help support the SGF REPEATERS, please click on the button below to provide a gift to the Repeater Fund via PayPal. 100% of all contributions are spent to purchase hardware to keep equipment on the air. You do not need to have a PayPal account to offer a gift. See below for details.

To offer a gift without using a PayPal account, simply look for the image below and click on the “Donate with a Card” buttonĀ to use any debit/credit card that you wish.

**Contributions made here are not tax deductible. If you would like to make a large tax-deductible contribution or mail us a check directly, please send a message to us via the CONTACT US page and we will make arrangements for you to give via the MSU Foundation, which is a 501(C)3 entity.

Help us out and give what you can!


Randy Jordan – KC0UKB
James Adkins – KB0NHX
Ray Goodall – KB0E
Dick Garrison – K0VRW
Jeff Bertholdi – KG0PE
Doug Waugh – KA0FKF
Ed Harter – WA0J
Michael O’Brien – K0MYW
Cliff House – K0CZP
Joe Regan – WD0X
Wayne McDaniel – KA0JMK
Lyle Hodges – K0ZRK
Leo – NM0U