Springfield, Missouri

417-597-3473 [email protected]

Repeater Status

Below you will find a report of the status for each repeater. Should any function be offline, the status will be indicated in a summary detail.

145.43 Springfield Transmitter FULLY FUNCTIONAL
43 Springfield South Receiver FULLY FUNCTIONAL
43 Springfield Central Receiver FULLY FUNCTIONAL
43 Aurora Receiver OFF-THE-AIR (Unknown Failure)
43 Branson Receiver FULLY FUNCTIONAL
43 Fordland Receiver FULLY FUNCTIONAL
43 Pleasant Hope Receiver OFF-THE-AIR (Antenna Failure)
147.12 Fordland Repeater FULLY FUNCTIONAL
146.895 Hollister Repeater OFF-THE-AIR (Logic Failure)
444.675 Springfield DMR Repeater FULLY FUNCTIONAL

Report a Problem

If you believe that there is a problem with the functionality of one of the repeaters, please report it to us so that we may investigate. Your feedback is important.