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2014 Targets and Goals

It’s the new year and time to give everyone an update as to what is on the horizon.

We are having intermittent sensitivity issues on the 147.12 repeater and we have gathered what we need to address it. Plus we are going to be adding some features back to it’s functionality that were lost during the conversion from Mastr II to Motorola.

Here is a brief list of what we have planned in the next couple of months for all repeaters.

147.12 Goals

  • Replace 147.12/144.83 combiner harness on to eliminate variable sensitivity
  • Add tone encoder @ 107.2Hz
  • Eliminate Moto TOT from the equation. It is currently fixed at 8 min TX regardless of COS activity
  •  Add low-pass filter for repeater speech audio to increase treble in repeater audio
  • Increase output power

145.43 Goals

  • Replace Pleasant Hope antenna and get that remote receiver back on the air
  • Repair Aurora remote receiver and get it back on the air – COMPLETED
  • Reinstall Branson remote receiver – COMPLETED

444.675 Goals

  • Rebalance CW/CT audio level – COMPLETED
  • Improve RF environment – COMPLETED
  • Replace aging DC power supply – COMPLETED

That’s pretty much the list right now. We have been doing lots of things behind the scenes and I hope to update the website more often this year. We have lots going on and hope to help SWMO maintain a solid amateur presence.