Springfield, Missouri

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UHF Improvements

We had a busy Saturday. We realigned levels on the 444.675 repeater, making changes to CTCSS deviation, general deviation maximums and leveled the CT and CW levels to passed audio.  The machine is sounding much smoother now. We also replaced the aging 25 amp NCR power supply with a new 30 amp redundant switching power supply.

Then, we focused the last little amount of time on the backup 147.12 repeater, which will be moving into production in the coming weeks.  We plan to bring the Moto MSF5000 home for some much needed TLC.  During that time, we will still have a 147.12 repeater on the air using the newly remodeled GE Master II backup repeater.  It sounds incredible with all the improvements we have made to this trusty standby.

More to come..